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We know that many of our guests need help getting to the trail and back home which is especially difficult during Shabbat. We don’t organize car pooling but we’d like to see you self-organize for that. We would like to encourage every participant who comes by car and can offer a ride to post a comment telling us where she/he is coming from. We would also like to encourage guests to post if they need a ride. Meetup allows personal messages via the site. You can get in touch with the others who posted and arrange for the ride.


Release of Liability:

The “Israel Hiking ‘n Outdoor Fans” organizer, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event leaders are volunteers and are not professional guides. The function of the organizer is to organize this group, and the function of the event host is to organize events. Each person who signs up for a trip/hike/or outing is responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of his or her guests.

By signing up for an event or outing organized by “Israel Hiking ‘n Outdoor Fans”, you acknowledge that you are aware and have made your guests aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any outdoor activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge “Israel Hiking ‘n Outdoor Fans”, its organizer, co-organizer and event hosts/leaders against any and all liabilities arising from your and your guest’s participation in the group activities.

“Israel Hiking ‘n Outdoor Fans”, its organizer, co-organizers and event hosts/leaders are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur carpooling to and from the event, or for any injuries or accidents incurred before, during, and after the event. If you sign up or participate in an event or outing you acknowledge that you freely and voluntarily agree to assume all risks of injury and damages arising from and as a result of your association with this event or outing.